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Trading Platforms


The Cmstrader MetaTrader 5 Mobile Trader platform offers a complete trading solution to trade currencies, precious metals, commodities and stock indices. With a complete new feature that will allow you to trade with no past experience. The social trading aspect will give the power to gain without having any background in forex trading.

Available on line, no downloading required, this fast and user-friendly platform allows you to:

  • Trade in real time
  • Follow the purchase and sale price
  • Adjust the size of trading lots
  • Place new orders
  • Display simplified graphics
  • Copy trader ( or social trading)

Cmstrader provides all the information you need to react quickly and to successfully trade in financial markets.


Follow markets from anywhere

The Cmstrader MetaTrader 5 Mobile Trader platform was designed to allow our clients to stay informed of the status of their account, at any time, from their mobile phone or tablet. Busy? Not available all day on the pc or laptop the mobile trader is a great solution for you.

At any time, you can make better trading decisions by keeping up-to-date on financial and economic news. You can also view graphs, which allows you to make better assumptions on securities movements, to place orders and take advantage of market opportunities.