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Stock Trading

Advantages of trading shares with CMSTRADER 

Start trading global shares through Circus Platform, which is a modern and well-developed platform that can assist you in navigating the whole trading process perfectly. Within just a few minutes, we received permission to open an account and begin trading with payouts up to four times our capital.

Using the Leverage to get the chance to trade with doubled capital, resulting in trading of larger quantities.

Unlike stock trading (trading stocks via the stock market), with CMSTRADER, you can trade CFDs with leverage (up to 1:20) to promote your investment, and to maintain portfolio risk, as well as your capital. This gives you immediate access to the most desired companies across the global markets.

You can trade stocks of the most famous companies, such as Apple, eBay, Google, among others. You can trade CFDs, and enter global markets through the most flexible, easiest, comfortable platform. It is also the most social platform and very easy to use.

Enjoy the ups and the downs of the markets.

Buy, sell ,and enjoy the differences in the pips as well as CFDs via using risk management tools, such as stop loss and take profit orders, so that you can double your capital, as well as access your potential gains, reducing the severity of the loss.

 A complete list of the shares offered by CMSTRADER

Opening hours of Stock Trading

The opening hours are related to the global market from which you choose to trade stocks.

CMSTRADER reserve the right to raise margin requirements, and the requirements for a stake in the CFD before company announcements, or when market conditions require an increase. Open positions for customers may result in coercive liquefaction. Therefore, a client may suffer from significant losses in the event of failure to meet these requirements in a timely manner

MarketOpening Hours (GMT)
NASDAQ13:31 - 20:00
NYSE13:31 - 20:00
LSE07:05 - 15:30
Bolsa De Madrid07:01 - 15:30
Borsa Italiana07:05 - 15:20
Deutsche Boerse07:05 - 15:25
Euronext Paris07:01 - 15:30

CMSTRADER gives the opportunity to trade the global stocks through the small difference in points; therefore, it is suitable for all investors in the global Markets.

Below is a list of points for company CMSTRADER