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Trade Oil

Trading Oil with CMStrader Trade Oil

In the last few years, crude Oil has developed as an exciting tool for financial trading. It ranks high in the list of the traders, primarily because of its high liquidity and transparency. CMSTrader offers an innovative platform for trading Crude Oil. This unique platform allows the trader to directly negotiate the price of the Crude Oil, and benefit from leverage as high as 400:1 on the initial investment. With its high demand and low-supply economics, Crude Oil is surely here to stay as a lucrative financial instrument in the future.

Trading Oil easily with the most powerful trading service

With CMSTrader’s user-friendly platform you can start trading oil. While it’s most commonly thought that the investment in gold and silver is safer than falling stocks, oil moves dramatically and significantly due to a lack of global political stability, especially in MENA countries. It is possible to trade oil and make use of leverage up to 50: 1, thereby allowing you to start trading those goods with the lowest amounts, up to 50 times the overall value of your account.

There are several ways in which one can trade oil. In fact, it depends on the different types of oil that are traded to gain profit. It’s even better to make use of news about oil and opportunities that come about, while doing daily oil trading of either BRENT crude or West Texas Oil.

In financial terminology, BRENT crude is referred to as sweet light crude oil, which is a diverse combination of crude oil that is extracted from the North Sea. The price of BRENT crude serves as a major benchmark, as it account for almost two-thirds of the global crude oil market. The name "BRENT" stems from the naming policy of Shell UK Exploration and Production. It is an acronym for the formation layers of the oil fields: Broom, Rannoch, Etive, Ness and Tarbert.

Since 2005, crude oil is traded in global electronic markets, known as ICE, and contract in this market is equivalent to 100 barrels of oil, priced in US dollars. In Forex trading, crude oil is traded in the form of CFD (Futures CFD), using the same quantities related to the barrels and pricing in US currency, as it is essential currency for oil and therefore, the amount of contracts is 1 contract = 100 barrels. Due to global demand, crude oil is seen as a very sensitive and volatile commodity. This is mainly because of the demand and production that come from several places and parties around the world which can rise strongly in response to the economic and political conditions of the given country. For example, the recent civil war in Iraq led to a rise in crude oil prices significantly, from the US price of $92, to $112 a barrel in a very short time span. CMSTrader realized how important it is to provide the best trading conditions for crude oil in such scenarios, and so, for the independent investor, it provides a platform to trade crude oil in the British single Currency Tradnig, as well as traditional US currency pricing, so that they appear as UKOIL and USOIL, respectively.

Advantages Of Trading Oil

  • Narrow points difference (fixed-variable- ICN), competitive prices without any commissions or hidden fees.

  • Opportunity to take advantage of the rise and fall of the value of a barrel of oil, and benefit from international geopolitical crises.

  • High leverage: trade oil with leverage up to 50: 1

  • Our customers can take advantage of information which is critically analyzed by our analysts in real time.

  • You can control the volume of profit and loss through the service (take-profit and stop-loss service).

  • Learn trading and develop advantage over others! CMSTrader gives the opportunity to learn Forex by experts of global markets.

The market is open 24/5, Sunday, 22:00 GMT – Friday, 21:00 GMT