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Trading Indices With CMSTrader

Indices represent the collective health of a group of financial instruments in a particular industry sector or a country. CMSTrader offers an exciting platform to let traders invest in key international indices in real time.  Our 23 key indices include CAC40, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, Nikkei, FTSE, and many others. Our diverse portfolio for trading indices makes CMSTrader a top choice of its traders.

Advantages Of Trading Indices With CMSTrader

  • Trade up To 23 major indices around the world.

  • Take advantage of one of the tightest and most competitive spreads (Fixed-Variable-ECN) in the industry - absolutely no hidden commissions or fees

  • The chance to always maintain profit regardless of the common trend of the international financial exchanges

  • Build a portfolio aligned with the current economic environment and market trends.

  • Boost your investments with leverage as high as 400:1.

  • Minimum time slippage during order execution –thanks to our one-click order processing.

  • Monitor open positions in real time.

  • Benefit from real time market information, trading tutorials, and expert knowledge from our in-house analysts.