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Refund and Return Policy

The Policy of Return of Money was developed for the purpose of reducingfinancial and legal risks of the company, observance of the principles of the Policy of counteraction of money-laundering and forgery of financing terrorist activity.

The company has the right to unilaterally block an entrance to the private profile, suspend the trade activity on accounts, cancel the demand for input-output, or to return  money if the source of money or activity of the client contradicts the Policy of money laundering and financing of terrorism.


The company doesn't cancel the realized commercial transactions, and therefore  reserves the right to return money to the sender, if within a month from the moment of replenishment, activity wasn't recorded on trading accounts.


The company reserves the right for certain objective reasons, and in case the need to make return of money arises, funds will be received through all payment systems, including credit/debit cards. Thus, the return of money will be executed on electronic platforms, and the bank details which the client used at input of money is where the transaction will take place


In the event that  the company classifies activity of the client as inappropriate, or contradicting  the usual purpose of use of company services where there is direct, or indirect, illegal, or unfair intention, the company reserves the right to work within this document, without informing the client beforehand.


Upon replenishing the trading account by cash card, the client is required  not to submit the application for confirmation  of the payment which is already enlisted into the trading account to the bank, or to supplier of the credit/debit cash card, both in time, and after completion of use of company services. Nevertheless, if the company receives a payment comment according to the transaction, we reserve the right to block entrance to the private profile, and freeze the current balance of the client, as well as send money back on personal account of the client, following the payment of all services and commissions.


The company will take all necessary measures to prevent and block both input and withdrawal by third parties of money from the customer account. Input and output of money from the account can be carried out only by the owner of that particular account.

Once a withdrawal request is submitted, it can take CMS Trader up to three business days to process the request. Once the request has been approved, please allow an additional 5-7 business days for the funds to show in your account. Cancelling your account - There is no additional cost if you would like  to cancel your account, just place a withdrawal request, and inform us about your desire to close your account. Withdrawals will be processed as per the withdrawal procedure outlined above.