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Products :

Trading Forex with Cmstrader

The Forex Cmstrader provides access to this global market , the professionals and individual investors, through an online or downloadable friendly trading platform.

Precious metals : GOLD and silver

Trading of precious metals is a very popular form of trading that is accompanied by a set of interesting benefits for most traders. Professional traders are changing their tradings towards precious metals which are believed the be safer and more profitable.

Due to several extreme price movements, there is a growing interest of the investors in the precious metal trade. Investors are increasingly interested in the trade of precious metals.

The prices of Gold

A considerable number of investors consider them as store of value in times of monetary uncertainty.

Crude Oil with Cmstrader

The Cmstrader platform allows the trader to negotiate the price of oil

Access to the Cmstrader platform allows you to negotiate the price of oil and benefit from a 400:1 leverage on your investments. This allows you to take positions for a nominal amount up to 400 times greater than the value of your account.