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The New CMSTrader Prepaid Card


CMSTrader is proud to offer an amazing new withdrawal option - the CMS Trader Prepaid Card®,

CMSTrader Prepaid Card functions like a Prepaid Card. It enables you to transfer funds from your Vault to your CMSTrader Prepaid Card, allowing for easy access to your trading profits, wherever you are located in the world.

The CMSTrader Prepaid Card is a very fast, simple and secure tool that can be used anywhere Prepaid Card® is accepted. Shop in-store or online, and withdraw funds from ATMs, as you will have instant access to your profits once your request has been processed.

With your own personalized Prepaid Debit card®, you can:

  • Enjoy quick transfers of your profits from your Vault to card
  • Spend funds anywhere Prepaid Card® is accepted
  • Make purchases in any store
  • Withdraw funds from ATMs as cash
  • No debt or interest charges
  • Track your spending 24/7
  • Minimum investement required to be eligible - $10,000 USD.