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Market Analysis

Daily Markets Analysis , Market Review

CMStrader provides all of the required information for trading Forex, and gaining experience to navigate global markets and foreign exchange. This is done by providing analysis on a daily basis based on accurate data and studies by experts and specialists in financial markets.

Technical Analysis

In order to make the right decision when making a trade, trading should be precise to both the entry and exit points. Technical analysis provides detailed information about trading levels to help you make a decision.

Fundamental Analysis

The Forex market is considered as the largest financial market, with a daily trading volume of over $4 trillion.

Factors that affect market movement:

Economic factors

Political factors

Environmental factors

Natural factors

Many factors relevant to the market

CMStrader is committed to helping traders succeed in foreign exchange trading. Therefore, we are committed to providing high quality analysis in order to help traders observe and exploit the opportunities that exist in the global markets. CMStrader provides commentary on the following important factors.

Determining the health of Forex market:

New laws, regulations or speculation by the government, central banks, or other financial institutions with respect to Forex trading.

Major statements of political and economic leaders

Inflation of different economies worldwide

Interest rate differences

The volume of trading currency in various economies

Important local or global political events

Changes in crude oil prices

Comparisons of commercial trends during the same time period

Changes in the price of gold

Open a trading account with us in order to get fundamental analysis every day to be on a step ahead in foreign exchange trading.

Fundamental Analysis

CMSTrader is committed to helping its traders succeed at Forex trading. Therefore, we compile the most accurate market analysis for our traders, in order to help them understand where the opportunity lies, and how they can exploit the trading field. Our analysis and commentary is focused on the following significant factors which determine how the Forex market will unfold:

  • New laws, regulations, or speculations by the government, central banks or other financial institutions regarding Forex trading
  • Statements of key political and economic leaders
  • Inflation rates for different economies
  • Interest rate differences
  • Volume of currency of trade in various economies
  • Significant political events on a global or local scale
  • Variation in crude oil prices
  • Comparison of trading trends during the same time period
  • Variation in gold prices

Watch out for our daily fundamental analysis, and be a step ahead of others in Forex trading.