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CMSTrader offers Islamic Forex Account to all clients who are of Islamic faith. CMSTrader operates its Islamic Forex Account in complete compliance with the Sharia law. Therefore, no interest is accumulated for positions, which are left open overnight. Islamic Account clients can open and close positions at any time within our platform, and not incur any charges for holding overnight positions. CMSTrader offers Islamic Trading Conditions to all clients of Islamic religious belief, and does not widen the spreads or charge any additional or hidden fees as a means to compensate for offering interest-free (swap free) accounts.

CMSTrader takes this extra step to make sure that we provide a clean, safe and ethical trading environment for all of our clients. With regard to the religious beliefs of our Muslim clients, CMSTrader is extremely pleased to offer an Islamic Account for trading, and to adopt the Islamic principles, such as the no “Riba” policy for banking activities for our Muslim clients. Our Islamic Account holders will still continue to enjoy the benefits of the Standard Account, without any compromise in quality. Islamic Trading Conditions are available on all CMSTrader live trading accounts.

No “Riba” Policy
Clients trading with Islamic trading conditions may hold positions open for an indefinite amount of time, without accruing any interest or commission.

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