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Currency Trading

Currency Trading & Learning Forex

Currency trading and learning Forex with CMSTrader

The Forex currency trading market is the largest financial market in the world, with trading volume up to 3.5 trillion dollars daily, covering the risks .

The trading done in the forex market differs from other markets. For example, for stock market, if you want to buy stock, you have to pay a sum of money to purchase shares. Now, when that stock exceeds the price you paid, it has made a profit, but when they become less than the amount paid, you incur a loss. In Forex trading, however, when you buy a dollar, you sell another currency against that (like: euro/yen/pound), so the process of selling currency is accompanied by the process of buying another currency; this is the principle of trading pairs, and the most famous of these couple pairs are EUR/USD, USD/GBP, and USD/JPY.

With CMSTrader, all traders with low, medium and large capital can participate and learn Forex in order to become better equipped to handle this massive online market that no one can control the prices or trading of, as seen in local markets. The only way to win in the Forex market is to play it intelligently.

Simply put, this is the global market used to earn profits, and due to our devotion to your best interests, risks do not stand a chance.

We recommend trading in forex after learning about the industry, just after receiving services from one of our account managers.

Advantages of trading with CMSTrader

  • More than 132 currency pairs

  • You can execute deals with a single click in real time trading

  • Narrow points difference (fixed-variable-ICN), and competitive prices without commissions or hidden fees

  • Direct contact with dealing room

  • The opportunity to change your fortune by earning profit 400 times the value of your account (1:400 leverage).

  • Cash flow, execution with a single click, and flow up to a maximum of $ 20 million per deal.

  • Daily news and information about the market.

  • Access to Forex education resources, get a personal assistant who helps you with learning about the industry

Market is open 24/5, Sunday 22:00 GMT – Friday 21:00 GMT