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Account types :


The Islamic Forex Account is offered to all clients of Cmstrader who are of Islamic religious belief. This facilitates online forex trading in full compliance with Sharia law. As such, there is no interest on positions which are left open overnight. Rest assured that there are absolutely no extra or hidden costs applied.

Cmstrader promotes fair and ethical trading for all clients without discrimination. Out of consideration to our Muslim clients, Cmstrader offers an Islamic Account that adheres to the principles of Islamic law regarding banking activity and Riba (interest). Account holders will still enjoy all of the benefits of a Standard account and much more.

Islamic Trading Conditions are available on all Cmstrader live trading accounts. This is provided to cater for clients of Islamic religious belief by enabling them to trade on interest free (also known as swap free) accounts. Clients can open and close positions at any time within our platform and not incur any charges for holding overnight positions.

Cmstrader offers Islamic Trading Conditions freely to all clients of Islamic religious belief and does not widen the spreads or charge any additional or hidden fees as a means to compensate for offering interest free accounts.

No Riba Policy
Clients trading with Islamic Trading Conditions may hold positions open for an undetermined time, without charge.

Mini account

  • Trade more than 120 pairs of currencies (eur,gbp,jpy,usd)
  • Start trading from 500-5000$
  • Personal training
  • Online training courses
  • Personal tips

Cmstrader gives you the privilege to open a Islamic account

There are no commissions on overnight positions

No commissions on depositing or withdrawing the money

Totally free unseen commissions


  • Starts from 5000-20000$
  • Direct access to the trading room
  • Passing order by phone
  • Direct contact with our sales-traders
  • Direct contact to our research team

Silver account starts from $20'000


By opting for the Gold account, you'll get a service fully customized to your investment needs in the short, medium and long term.

With priority access to the trading room and a dedicated team of experts to assist you in your strategies, you hold all the tools to achieve your goals.

As a Gold client, you are offered a fully customized service. Our team will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your investment objectives and establish the corresponding Gold structure.

The Service Club Elite is only available for accounts in excess of $50'000.

  • Tight spreads - fixed spread / Variable Spread
  • Direct access to the trading room
  • Passing order by phone
  • Direct contact with our sales-traders
  • Direct contact to our research team