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About us

About us

Investment advisor

At Cmstrader all your wealth management needs are answered. From investment advisory services to portfolio management, credit facilities, banking services and even more, we are synonymous with professionalism and integrity. as your partner, our personalized services can effectively help you reach your goals.

What can we do for you?

Clients who prefer making their own investment decisions can greatly benefit from our professional advisors' personalized and comprehensive counseling.

Cmstrader is keen on providing our clientele with the best advice and in-depth market knowledge as well as global trends.

Portfolio Management

This advisory, or discretionary investment service that assumes the responsibility of managing clients' portfolios on a daily basis. The principle objective of this service is to determine, mutually with the client, the investment objectives, desired risk/return balance and accordingly design the portfolio using an investment process which is structured to maximize the probability of achieving the investment target according to a predefined strategy and shall include diversification, liquidity and risk considerations.

With this in mind Cmstrader has designed different types of managed portfolios which are suitable for a wide range of clients with different risk profiles.

Such portfolios are very attractive investment alternatives for those clients who do not want to get involved in the dynamics of the global financial markets, yet they want to benefit from its opportunities. Besides, those portfolios are very liquid, dynamically managed and controlled with low volatility.

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